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Department of Physical Education



I. Goals and Characteristics

The Department of Physical Education is one of the departments within The School of Sciences in The Taipei Municipal University of Education.

The Graduate Department of Physical Education was founded in 2003, and the undergraduate Department of Physical Education was founded in 2005. In 2006, these two departments merged into The Department of Physical Education which offers BS and MS degrees in physical education.


II.  Programs Offered, Areas of Specialization, and Credit Hours


The department offers three areas of specialization, namely, elementary school teaching, sport and fitness coaching, and sport management and recreation.
An Elementary school teaching certificate requires 168 semester hours plus practicum. Both coaching and management programs require 128 semester hours to get a BS degree.
The MS degree program requires 32 semester hours credit plus thesis and is divided into three separated subprograms: regular program, night program for elementary school teacher, and the weekend program for coaching and sport management.



III.     Faculty


The Department of Physical Education has eleven faculty members, five of them are professors two are associate professors, three are associate professors and one lecturer.
Administrative staff consists of one full time administrative assistant and two are on contract basis.
In each semester, each faculty can appoint one teaching assistant from the graduate students and/or upper undergraduate students from this department.


IV.  After Graduation Development

       Professional careers after graduation fall into the following categories : elementary school physical educator, coaching in recreation or sport centers, fitness instructor, public office administrator, sport management jobs, and administrative work in various sport organizations.